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Tablet Stand - MOFT X Tablet Stand (Adhesive)

Tablet Stand - MOFT X Tablet Stand (Adhesive)

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With a variety of angles, the mini version makes entertainment even more effortless on small tablets like iPad Mini; while the large version renders work seamless on larger tablets. Discover the possibilities!

iPad Mini size (7.9")
Dimensions : 6.7x4.6x0.14 in / 171x116x3.5 mm
Weight : 3.1 oz / 87 g
Compatibility : 7.9” tablets

iPad Pro size (7.9")
Dimensions : 8.3x5.9x0.15 in / 210x150x3.7 mm
Weight : 4.6 oz / 137 g
Compatibility : 9.7”-11” tablets

25°/40°/60° in portrait
30°/40°/60° in landscape

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