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Zoom Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 15 series – UNIQ Optix Vivid Clear Global Synergy Concepts

Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 15 series – UNIQ Optix Vivid Clear

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Shield Your Smartphone's Screen with Unwavering Protection and Unparalleled Clarity

Encase your smartphone's precious screen in a fortress of unparalleled protection with our premium tempered glass screen protector. Experience the seamless fusion of exceptional safeguard and flawless visual clarity, ensuring that your device remains pristine and vibrant, even in the face of everyday wear and tear.

9H Tempered Glass for Unwavering Durability

Our screen protector boasts a remarkable 9H hardness, providing an impenetrable barrier against scratches, scuffs, and other surface damage. Say goodbye to unsightly marks and imperfections, and revel in the enduring beauty of your smartphone's screen.

Enhanced Anti-Smudge Finish

Repel fingerprints and greasy smudges with our advanced anti-smudge coating, ensuring that your screen remains crystal clear and responsive throughout the day. Enjoy effortless gliding and seamless touch interactions without the frustration of persistent fingerprints.

True Color Precision with HD Clarity

Experience the true brilliance of your smartphone's display with our ultra-transparent screen protector. Our meticulously crafted design ensures flawless color reproduction, preserving the stunning visual quality of your device.

1.8m Impact Tested for Unparalleled Shatter Resistance

Rest assured that your smartphone's screen is well-guarded against accidental drops and falls. Our screen protector has undergone rigorous testing, enduring impacts of up to 1.8 meters without cracking or shattering.

Dust-Free Installation for a Flawless Fit

Enjoy a hassle-free installation process with our self-adhering design and included dust removal kit. Our screen protector adheres seamlessly to your device, ensuring a bubble-free and flawless fit.

HD Resolution for Unmatched Visual Clarity

Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals of your smartphone's display with our HD resolution screen protector. Experience sharp details, vibrant colors, and exceptional clarity without compromising on the touch sensitivity of your device.

Shatter-Resistant with Reinforced Anti-Chip Edge

Protect your smartphone's screen from edge-to-edge with our reinforced anti-chip edge. This innovative design ensures that even if the screen sustains impact, it will not shatter or chip, preventing further damage.


  • 9H tempered glass screen protector with enhanced anti-smudge finish
  • True color precision with HD clarity
  • 1.8m impact tested
  • Dust-free installation
  • HD resolution with true colors
  • Shatter-resistant with reinforced anti-chip edge

Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 15 series – UNIQ Optix Vivid Clear

RM79.00 MYR


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